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Monday, July 26, 2010

Are all Racing Directors Idiots?

If last week's decision by Nascar to penalize Carl Edwards 60 driver points and $25,000 for good 'ol rubbin is racin' activity on the track wasn't enough (even though Nascar has gotten a lot of mileage out of their "Have at it Boys' false campaign) this week's Indy car race at Edmonton and the late race decision by Brian Barnhart takes the top spot for stupid race decisions. Helio Castroneves was certainly on his game on Sunday leading the race and with only two laps to go could taste victory. Everything seemed to be working for Castroneves to take home another win for Team Penske when just after the final re-start he recieved a black flag and was informed by USAC that he was blocking the second place car and would have to leave the track to serve a 'drive through penalty'. Helio did not serve that penalty, stayed on the track, and crossed the finish line first. USAC literally gave the win to Scott Dixon and dropped Castroneves to 10th. Brian Barnhart, you are an idiot. How dare you blame Helio's post-race actions on his passion and nothing more. His actions were a reaction to the fact that you must be sharing a brain with your dog. In auto racing history, this will undoubtedly go down as the absolute worst decision ever!

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